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The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association

Published every second week except in July, in Norwegian with English-language summaries on the Internet, the Journal publishes articles on scientific, health and social issues and attends to the information needs that doctors have as members of the NMA and its subdivisions.
9. oktober 2018

The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association is a general medical journal, which is issued every second Thursday. 24 issues are published annually, including one double issue. The circulation is 24.500, of which 18.500 are sent to doctors and 3.500 to medical students. The remaining copies are sent to hospitals, institutions and libraries. The Journal’s full text version has been available for free on the Internet since 2000. The Journal of Practical Medicine was established in 1881 (1), five years before the Medical Association was formed as an organization. Organ for the Norwegian Medical Association was used in addition to the first title from 1.1.1888. The name has been The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association since 1890. The Journal has been on the net since February 1996.