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LEFO - Legeforskningsinstituttet

Institute for Studies of the Medical Profession


Inclusion of psychosocial conditions in clinical practice and the problem of medicalization

Førde R / Forde R. Theoretical Medicine 1996; 17: 151-61.
15. september 1996

Abstract on Pubmed: 

It is generally accepted today that the biomedical model's exclusive focus on the patient's somatic condition is too narrow. The biomedical model, however, has additional shortcomings. In the first place, resources are left out of the diagnostic perspective. Secondly, the automatic interpretation of symptoms and deviations from normal as present or potential threats to the individual's health. In this paper it is claimed that these characteristics of the biomedical model can lead to medicalization. To elucidate these claims, an alternative approach to antenatal care, is presented in which the psychosocial conditions of pregnant women are integrated. Some practical problems that follow from this approach are discussed.

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