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Cochrane PRM

Cochrane PRM- an ESPRM initiative with the support of the UEMS-PRM Section and Board. Updatet!
15. april 2016

PhD candidate for Cochrane PRM. 

Cochrane Editorial AMJPMR Kiekens 2016

Cochrane Exploratory Meeting

Editorial cochrane June 2015 EJPRM

Iscrizione Exploratory Meeting

Letter about Cochrane PRM Arch PMR 2016



26-4-2016 during ESPRM Meeting in Estoril (Portugal)

1.       8.30-9.30 am Scientific Session

2.       6.30-8 pm Business Meeting

30-5-2016 during ISPRM Meeting in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

1.       11-12.30 am Scientific Session

2.       2-4 pm Business Meeting

Exploratory Cochrane PRM Meeting

Brescia (Ita) 19-20 September 2016

with the participation of Mark Wilson - CEO of Cochrane.

You should try to be present or send some colleagues: in that occasion the work of Cochrane PRM will definitively start and your active participation in Cochrane PRM will be defined.

Program will follow as soon as possible.

Brescia is easily reachable from:

·  Milan Bergamo (BGY) - low cost flights mainly: 40 min by bus

·  Milan Linate (LIN) - 1 hour by train 

·  Milan Malpensa (MXP) - 2 hours by train and undergound

Coming up:

1.       Call to establish a Cochrane PRM Unit at your department

2.       Call for a PhD position in Brescia: it will be possible to have preliminary colloquia with your interested students/residents/colleagues in Estoril and Kuala Lumpur

Dear friends, Cochrane PRM is going to be soon a reality with your help.

Prof. Stefano Negrini, MD
- Associate Professor, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
    Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences

    University of Brescia, Italy;

- Rehabilitation Research Coordinator Rovato

    IRCCS Don Gnocchi ONLUS, Milan, Italy;

- Scientific Director

    ISICO (Italian Scientific Spine Institute), Milan, Italy

- Chief-Editor

    European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine